Video Requests

25 Additional Videos Have Been Uploaded

My apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, the last few months of 2020 seemed to move in slow motion, especially for me. But I stand by my promise to post 100 videos in response to many of the questions/comments posed by readers.

For the second batch of 25 videos, the title of each clip starts with an asterisk to help distinguish the latest clips. Please reread the original introduction below to ensure that you understand the purpose for these short, informal, no-audio clips.



If there is one undeniable truth about books on sleight of hand, it’s the difficulty of translating words into actions. In many instances, after receiving questions/comments from multiple readers about the same move or concept, it was clear to me that they all had different interpretations.

I remain firmly committed to helping every reader of GSOH grasp its core research. I respond to every technical-based email and watch every video clip that is sent to me (my wife responds to all administrative questions). So, in an effort to support the research and respond to the many readers who requested videos to answer their questions, the following videos are offered. Incidentally, the most common request is simply, “I would sure like to see what that move looks like.” With the following clips, however, there are a few caveats.

It has been a very long time since I have practiced seriously on any level (15 years!). Moreover, as I get older, I struggle with several physical challenges that I won’t bore you with. For these reasons, don’t expect the moves to be executed perfectly. If you spot an imperfection, ignore it and focus on the big picture, using the video to grasp the essence of the move in respect to its basic technique, speed, rhythm, and so on. This is the purpose of the subdomain! If you find a move you wish to pursue, strive for perfection on your end. Professionally produced videos may be somewhere down the road.

Remember, there’s no right way or wrong way to do most moves. Also, what I’m offering is only one handling of a particular move, which is just the beginning. Do not hesitate to explore other variations.

Instead of making the videos available to everyone on the internet (YouTube), the following subdomain was developed to (a) make it easy for readers to reference the clips according to chapters and page numbers, and (b) make it easy for me to upload future videos.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding in regard to requests for video clips, online lectures, podcasts, and related exposure. I have politely declined virtually all requests for fear of opening Pandora’s box. As I hope you can appreciate, it’s impossible to accommodate everyone.

My list of video requests approaches 100 moves/concepts. I have divided these requests into four groups. The first group includes 25 clips. Also included are three short ‘lessons.’ They teach the basics of particular moves from an exposed view and include short audio instructions. I will upload a second group of 25 additional moves in 4-6 weeks and fully expect to address everyone’s requests before the end of the year.

Let’s see how it goes . . . hope you find the clips helpful.